Monday, March 29, 2010


Nikki's allergies are really bothering her. Yesterday she texted me at
 church...I checked between Sunday school and church not during...and said she was miserable so she was not coming to church. 
Right as church was starting she sat down beside me. She said " I'm having a baby, I need to stop acting like one. "
I was so glad she came. She pointed to a bump in her belly and said :He's right there." 
I could have cried....We are all wanting to feel him so bad. Shouldn't be long now.
Anyway we went to eat with some friends after church and the wind was blowing and it was so cold but i had to get my week picture so here's Nikki all clenched up from freezing!


Sunday said...

Awww! Look at that cute baby bump! Congrats Grandma!

Oka said...

I had that kind of day yesterday. I had my excuse not to go to church, than I kicked my arse up out of bed and got my shower. I knew I was just being a baby about it.

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