Thursday, July 29, 2010

When Poop becomes funny.....especially to others.

So yesterday Drex had his 2 week appt. His doctor is great! He sat up on the bed and just chit chatted with Nikki and I like we were old friends. Instant great impression!
 Drex is now at 9 lbs! That's That's a lb and a half since birth....and his mama thought he wasn't getting enough to eat! Doc says everything looks great and he's one healthy lil booger. (dr words)

Soo on to the reason of the title....

Yesterday at the dr office Drex was farting....I would be nice and say tooting or pooting or passing gas but this boy has no shame and he farts loud and proud! We were waiting on the dr to come in and Drex started his business and it sounded.....wet. So I check and sure enough it's a full diaper. I lay him on the bed and start changing him and he's not finished so I put the diaper up there real quick to catch it. After I put the diaper away I goto clean his butt and he starts in again! ALL. OVER. MY. HAND!
Nikki is no help at this point because she's me! I finally get him cleaned up right before the dr walks in the door.

Fast forward to today....I go to Nikki's to see Drex...cause he's special like that. While I'm loving on him he starts up with the farting again...actually he is almost constantly tooting.... I take him to the changing table and take his diaper off..again he is not finished! It gets all over him,the changing pad,his old and clean diaper and his blanket. I really do try to stop it from getting every where but the boy is a fountain! He finally stops and because his changing table is so soiled I take him diaperless into the living room and PLAN on putting the new diaper on him with him across my lap....Can you guess what happen? As soon as I put the diaper under him he starts in again and it gets on another clean diaper so I grab a hand towel and put it under him so his mama can get a diaper....he fills the hand towel with poop and pee and it gets on me...AGAIN!
His mama for some reason finds these little pooping episodes hilarious.....

So 2 days in a row I have been pooped on....why me? 

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Trying to choose announcement pics!

I won some custom cards from Brittany and I'm trying to get a good pic of Drex that we would like to use on the front of the cards. I know the cards will be super because Brittany does wonderful work!
These are just a few pics ...some I'm considering and some are posted just because I love looking at his sweet face.

1 day old...look at all that hair!

1 day old

4 days old at Mimis
1 week old

1 week

1 week


I love me some Drex!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Few Pictures

Hendrix Scott
12:06 AM
I know I've been gone a while. Things should slow down soon and I can update on a regular basis.
Thanks to everyones sweet comments on facebook and twitter!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Tooth Fairy Pillow *review*


A month or so ago I was at a Toothsoap Party on Twitter and I won a Tooth Fairy Pillow! It's not just any ordinary pillow though. It's personalized! I had Drex's name put on it and a train. Drex's Pops works on trains so it seemed appropriate. I know it will be years before he will be able to use it but it will be at Mimi's waiting for that first tooth to fall out so the Toothfairy can put money in the little pocket on the pillow.

The Toothfairy offers toothfairy pillows and has many different designs and they are adorable! I wish I had one for my girls when they were small. They are the perfect size 6"X8" for little hands and heads.

So when you get ready to purchase one *wink wink* make sure and visit the Toothfairy and choose from 80+ designs and personalization is FREE! She ships in the USA only and she's a Certified Dental Assistant online! That means she knows her stuff!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

How about a contest?

 Nikki went to the dr today and they picked a date to induce...if Drex doesn't come on his own. 
So Tuesday the 13th I will finally see my 1st grandbaby in the flesh! I am so excited!!!!

I thought it would be fun to have a contest to see who could get to the closes time of birth. If you want to play a long comment what time you think he will make an appearance and the winner with the first correct answer will get one of my handpainted personalized signs. I thought I had more pictures to show of them but I cleaned them all off the computer. :(

This one is my mom and dad's with Drex's behind it. 
If your interested just leave a comment with a time. If you think he will be born on any day other than the 13th leave the date too.

I'm posting this on Drex's blog and on my personal blog. I will add the names from this blog to the other. 

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Her tired and aching feet....

See...I wasn't kidding about her being miserable. This is 24 hrs a day. No matter what she does they stay like this and her dr doesn't seem worried because her blood pressure is good. She goes back in 3 days and if he isn't here by then they will set a date to induce.