Friday, December 11, 2009

You Moved! 12-10-09

Yesterday 12-10 Nikki had her 1st ultrasound. Of course you couldn't tell anything except that little heart beating a mile a minute. 178 bpm!!
Aunt Margaret said they....(who are they?) say if it beats fast it is a girl.
That makes me think of that commercial where the lady says "Your carrying that baby awful must be a girl" I HATE that commercial...anyway, lets carry on.

The nurse was wiggling the ultrasound wand thingy (like my words?) on your mamas belly and telling you to move...and you did!!!
I said IT MOVED!
...sorry about the "it" part. Most times I call you he or him,not sure why but if your a she then I apologize.

Your mama is 8 weeks and 3 days at this picture.

Kinda blurry but it is a pic of a pic.... I promise to get good ones later.
Your due July 18, 2010.

Just so you know we both cried when we seen you....that's a good thing, you'll learn.

Here is your FB comments from your pic!

Sousonne Gus
Sousonne Gus
How exciting!

Sallie N Keith Robinson
Sallie N Keith Robinson
So it's just the one?

Margaret Vaughn
Margaret Vaughn
They say that a fast heart beat means a girl.

Pat Harrison
Pat Harrison

Pat Harrison
Pat Harrison
i showed it to pap and HE teared up.

Pat Harrison
Pat Harrison
i said heres your first great grandchild.

Samantha N Eugene Davis
Samantha N Eugene Davis
Awhh!! Uncle Doug's gonna make me tear up!! How sweet. ♥

Sallie N Keith Robinson
Sallie N Keith Robinson
I got teared up when I read it. Sooooooo exited for her

Alecia Davis-Bradshaw
so excited for u guys!
Angela Grimm
Angela Grimm

Kellie Biggs
Kellie Biggs
awww.. my baby.. lol.. do we know what it is yet??

Belinda Brown Winston
Belinda Brown Winston
So cool! We find out today if we are having a girl or boy! Whoopiee!!!

Oka Arbogasm
Oka Arbogasm
I know you had to be so excited :D

Kelly Arteaga
Kelly Arteaga
Yay! You still gotta name it Kelly like you said!! So, technically, is it a "baked bean" right now since it's in the oven..? Hmm..makes one thing...

Rhonda Alston
Rhonda Alston
I am just so happy for all of you! Thank you so much for sharing, Lisa.

Monday, November 30, 2009

NOVEMBER 11, 2009

**These post are not in order. Some I post strtaight on here and some I post from what I have written in a notebook**

Today (11-11) your mama said Conner Hendrix (maybe) for a boy.
Your dad likes too oddly enough. Sounds smart and strong.
She said Zoe Grace if your a girl...not sure if it is Zoe or Zoey but either way it is really pretty.

So right now were CHG or ZGG... lets see how long before it changes.

She goes to the Dr. tomorrow,maybe she'll stop taking those test. She has taken 3 in 3 days! Chick is nuts!!
...I can say that,she's mine.

(11-30) Of course the dr. confirmed and she hasn't taken any more pregnancy test...that I know of. :)

SEE! I told you she was nuts! That's her and your auntie Angie!

Friday, November 27, 2009

November 26 - Thanksgiving Day - 6 week bump picture

Your mama is 6 weeks along today. I remember when I was pregnant with her I didn't start showing til I was around 4 maybe 5 months but she  already has a bump!

Everyone keeps talking about there being 2 babies in there... :)

She said not my face mama...sorry.

Are there 2 of you in there?????

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sunday Novemebr 8,2009

Your mama and I were going home from church and I called your Aunt Kelly, this is our conversation.

AK- Do you and Nikki talk about the baby?

Me- Yes!.

AK- Cause I think about it all the time and I already have feelings for it.

She loves you already! It's only been 2 and a half days since we found out you were here-
You are much loved little one....

 Your Aunt Kelly...she is going to make you rotten!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

November 6 and 7- 2009

I was thinking today that you have so many family members.
(I don't know the ones on your daddy's side so I can only speak for the ones on your mamas side.I'm sure they will love you as soon as they hear about you.)

You have a Pop...that is what were calling him. He is your grandpa that is my husband. He's a sweetie and I'm sure will help spoil you like the rest of us.

You have an Aunt Kelly. Oh boy this one is going to make you rotten! I bet you love her crazy.

You have a Mam and a Pap,they are my parents and they are your great grandparents. I never knew my greats...your lucky!

You have many cousins,aunts and uncles...way to many to count.
I'll make sure your introduced to them. ;)

One day I'll tell you all about your memaw and pepaw Wasson. They would have loved you up! Memaw would have put you on her "pillers" and sang you a ditty. Pepaw would have called you Picklepuss and gave you a hard time. 

Your mama on her first Easter.

You have a great big wonderful family and were patiently...ok trying to patiently wait for you to get here!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November 6,2009

Darling baby,
 Your mama called and told me about you today... I felt numb and shaky,she was shaky too.
I was at your Mams with Pap,Uncle Steven,Uncle Ricky, Aunt Amber and Mam when your mama called.
She said "I gotta tell you something and you can't tell anyone."
(She says that a lot...must think I can keep my mouth shut.)

I told her ok...(and I do keep my mouth shut, just ask my blog friends, I wanted to tell them so bad!.)

She says "I'm a week late and the test came back positive."
I'm not suppose to tell anyone.... I'm in a room with 5 family members and I am not suppose to tell anyone!

After I got over being speechless I mumbled something like this... "You can't do this to me...I'm with all these people and I'm not allowed to show any emotion?"

She says "OK You can tell them BUT tell them DON"T tell anyone!"

All I said was "Nikki's test came back positive."

LOL You should have heard the yelling going on in that room! Everybody was so happy to hear about you.

I figure you'll be here around July and can hardly wait!! I know you will be perfect.

I'm praying for you.....

Your mom and dad the day they got married