Monday, June 21, 2010

36 Weeks- Short funny story


Nikki and Jonathan were looking at facebook and shortly after the pic was taken she put his hand on her belly. When Drex kicked Jonathan screamed and jerked his hand back.. It was so funny, I wish I had gotten a pic of the look on his face. He is so excited to meet his little 2nd cousin.


Oka said...

ahhh too cute, so hard for them to grasp what's going on bet he is an awesome (2nd) cousin

Angie said...

lol - how cute!

Anonymous said...

baby drex i am so excited for your meme i remember when your momma was born(my first grand baby)and now you will be the first great grand baby.i can hardly wait.come on .i love you.mam

Adoption of Jane said...

OMG its been that long since I visited your blog?? Shame on me!! Congrats... it's almost time!

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