Monday, December 13, 2010

Our baby is sick. :(

Drex was all snotty this weekend and then this morning he was feverish so his mama got him an appt to see the dr. He has a sinus infection and bless his heart he is still smiling and laughing but you can just tell he's not acting himself. He got meds so hopefully he will feel much better soon.
The pic where he's sleeping in the crook of his mamas legs was after church yesterday. He really loves his mama. He just lights up when he sees her after being away from her all day.
The other 2 pics are today right before we left for his appt. His little eyes are looking weak to me. Please say a prayer that he gets all better fast.
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Oka said...

awful that the little ones have to suffer, when they can barely communicate how they are suffering :(

gayle said...

It's so sad when our little ones are sick. Hopefully the meds will work fast!

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