Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday school class

Drex usually stays in my class during Sunday school. My cousin Sam loves him up. This is Drex and Sam's youngest son CJ. They are 3rd cousins and pretty good buddies.
In the one pic where CJ is grinning real big Drex was trying to get my phone, you can see him reaching for it. He likes to hold it and call strangers and TRY to eat it. I tell him noooo and he moves it away from his mouth....for about 10 seconds then it goes right back.

He's not crawling yet but he can get around really good by rolling every where. I found him half way under my couch eating the fuzz off the bottom of the couch. He also was very angry at the entertainment center when he rolled against it and it wouldn't get out of his way.

He's a super sweet baby that hardly ever cries except when he wants to eat and he melts my heart when I walk in the room and he smiles and raises his little arms for me to pick him up.
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