Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Spending the weekend with Mimi and Pop

 Drex spent the whole weekend with me and Pop! His mama and daddy and nana were moving. This is the first time Nikki has moved that I haven't helped and I felt bad but I did get to keep the baby!!
We chewed on our toes.....

 Learned how to get out of our swing and felt good about it!
I went from the living room to kitchen then RIGHT BACK to the living room and this is how I found him. He was very proud.
 Saturday it was in the 70s and we hung out on the swing on the back porch. Oh the conversations we had! He's such  happy and funny little boy.
This was taken today (Feb 1) He was looking out mamas window at the tree over my head. He kept giving me sugar...ok sometimes he was frustrated and tried to bite. Lord help us.


Oka said...

Isn't watching the baby help? I know when I move any one who watches the younger ones is saint.

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