Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm almost 8 months old and my Mimi is sooo late!

I'm as long as my pillow now!

Wanna see me crawl like the soldiers?

Me? No I didn't do it!

Nom nom nom...these puffs are good!

"When is she going to stop?"


**I have been terrible about the month pictures lately. I plan on doing better....plan being the operative word here.**

Drex is getting so big yet most people talk about how small he is...He comes from family on both sides of small people. 

He's not crawling yet but gets where he wants to go by rolling and soldier crawling. (I'm not sure of the correct term but you know how soldiers crawl on their belly? OK you get it. :))

He LOVES to eat but then again he is his mamas boy.  He eats most everything we have given him but doesn't seem to fond of potatoes...that's kinda odd. Maybe he wants ketchup on them???

He loves his daddy and I'm not downing daddys but all of them are not the best...Drex got a wonderful daddy and as he gets older he looks more and more like him. 

I love the way his face lights up when someone he knows and loves (Like me and Nana...hehe) gets in his view. 

He is a happy baby and is always smiling and talking. 

He gets real impatient when he wants a have to be lightening fast for him. (again...his mamas child) 

I've had people tell me that he is so lucky to have so many family members that love him near ...I think we are the lucky ones.

He is truly a gift from God.


gayle said...

He is so cute!! I love these pictures!

Belinda said...

Love this post!

aeshcame said...

so luvly~ aren't kids just adorable..even when they're in the worst mess ever they are still the cutest things..just love those pictures..

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