Wednesday, September 1, 2010

An afternoon at Mimi's

One day last week Nikki and Drex came out for a few hours...I'm gonna miss that when she goes back to work. I took a lot of pics...of course but I'll only post these 3 for now. Drex told me what to say-

"My mimi is a genius,she talks to me and makes me smile real big! This is my NO WAY DUDE! face"

"Mimi wore be out with all her smarts"

" I knew she'd love me up, I'll hang on just in case though"

Hey I can't help it if the kid recognizes my smarts!


Oka said...

Every grandson knows how smart his grandma is

Adoption of Jane said...

He's born!!! I've been off the blogs most of the summer. Congrats! Awwww and i just scrolled through the pics... so cute!! Congrats. I can't believe its been that long since we've chatted!

Cindy said...

Congratualtions to you on your grandchild. I learned on August 26th that my daughter is expecting . This is our first grandchild. We are elated, it has been a long battle with infertility for her. So I too have started a blog for my grandchild and thru a search I am looking for more granny blogs. I came across yours and I also discovered we have something else in common we are in the same state. Your grandbaby is gorgeous!!

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