Thursday, November 19, 2009

November 6 and 7- 2009

I was thinking today that you have so many family members.
(I don't know the ones on your daddy's side so I can only speak for the ones on your mamas side.I'm sure they will love you as soon as they hear about you.)

You have a Pop...that is what were calling him. He is your grandpa that is my husband. He's a sweetie and I'm sure will help spoil you like the rest of us.

You have an Aunt Kelly. Oh boy this one is going to make you rotten! I bet you love her crazy.

You have a Mam and a Pap,they are my parents and they are your great grandparents. I never knew my greats...your lucky!

You have many cousins,aunts and uncles...way to many to count.
I'll make sure your introduced to them. ;)

One day I'll tell you all about your memaw and pepaw Wasson. They would have loved you up! Memaw would have put you on her "pillers" and sang you a ditty. Pepaw would have called you Picklepuss and gave you a hard time. 

Your mama on her first Easter.

You have a great big wonderful family and were patiently...ok trying to patiently wait for you to get here!


B Lines said...
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B Lines said...

Sorry about that kiddo. Changed my mind about what I wanted to write.

I just wanted to say hello!! And I hope you get to meet my grandbaby who is coming in May. I went to school with your Pop in good ole Rison. Looks like your grandmother is pretty pumped about you.

Anonymous said...

dear baby,this is mam.i love you so much already and i haven't even seen you.i will be waiting patiently for you.your moma was my first grandchild and you will be my first GREAT take your time we know already you are beautiful and perfect .just like your moma and her moma.MAM

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