Monday, November 30, 2009

NOVEMBER 11, 2009

**These post are not in order. Some I post strtaight on here and some I post from what I have written in a notebook**

Today (11-11) your mama said Conner Hendrix (maybe) for a boy.
Your dad likes too oddly enough. Sounds smart and strong.
She said Zoe Grace if your a girl...not sure if it is Zoe or Zoey but either way it is really pretty.

So right now were CHG or ZGG... lets see how long before it changes.

She goes to the Dr. tomorrow,maybe she'll stop taking those test. She has taken 3 in 3 days! Chick is nuts!!
...I can say that,she's mine.

(11-30) Of course the dr. confirmed and she hasn't taken any more pregnancy test...that I know of. :)

SEE! I told you she was nuts! That's her and your auntie Angie!


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