Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November 6,2009

Darling baby,
 Your mama called and told me about you today... I felt numb and shaky,she was shaky too.
I was at your Mams with Pap,Uncle Steven,Uncle Ricky, Aunt Amber and Mam when your mama called.
She said "I gotta tell you something and you can't tell anyone."
(She says that a lot...must think I can keep my mouth shut.)

I told her ok...(and I do keep my mouth shut, just ask my blog friends, I wanted to tell them so bad!.)

She says "I'm a week late and the test came back positive."
I'm not suppose to tell anyone.... I'm in a room with 5 family members and I am not suppose to tell anyone!

After I got over being speechless I mumbled something like this... "You can't do this to me...I'm with all these people and I'm not allowed to show any emotion?"

She says "OK You can tell them BUT tell them DON"T tell anyone!"

All I said was "Nikki's test came back positive."

LOL You should have heard the yelling going on in that room! Everybody was so happy to hear about you.

I figure you'll be here around July and can hardly wait!! I know you will be perfect.

I'm praying for you.....

Your mom and dad the day they got married


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