Thursday, July 8, 2010

How about a contest?

 Nikki went to the dr today and they picked a date to induce...if Drex doesn't come on his own. 
So Tuesday the 13th I will finally see my 1st grandbaby in the flesh! I am so excited!!!!

I thought it would be fun to have a contest to see who could get to the closes time of birth. If you want to play a long comment what time you think he will make an appearance and the winner with the first correct answer will get one of my handpainted personalized signs. I thought I had more pictures to show of them but I cleaned them all off the computer. :(

This one is my mom and dad's with Drex's behind it. 
If your interested just leave a comment with a time. If you think he will be born on any day other than the 13th leave the date too.

I'm posting this on Drex's blog and on my personal blog. I will add the names from this blog to the other. 


Angie said...

How exciting!!

I am going with Sunday the 11th around 11 pm

Oka said...

Can I enter more than once?

I say July 10 12:11AM

gayle said...

I can not wait until you post after your grandchild is born!!!! Everyone told me but I never realized how much I would love my grandson!!! You just wait are in for the thrill of your life time!! The love you are going to have for this baby will be something that will be so hard to describe!!!! My guess is going to be 5:25pm. I am sure you probably can guess why.:)

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